Managed Offsite Backup

Missing data? Have databases or files containing important client information ever been lost, not accessible or corrupted?

Traditional methods of data backup and storage are difficult to manage and are no longer adequate in today's business world. Tape backup and restoration are both unreliable and does not provide the peace-of-mind, of knowing that your data is off-site and secure.

  • Remote Backup Service regularly backs up your critical data to a remote location and provides retrieval services should you need them.

  • Management of Your Backup Solution protects you from data damage or loss. We monitor, manage and test your custom data backup plan, as well as re-evaluate the plan to verify it is optimized.

With the potential of disaster from natural sources, employee sabotage or simply a wrong keystroke, it is now crucial for all businesses to have a solution that is secure, reliable and cost-efficient. Our multi-tiered dg Guardian service enables us to provide the data protection and recovery solution that best fits your business.

dg Guardian is an Enterprise-Class Business Continuity backup and recovery solution priced for small and mid-sized businesses. With backup and storage redundancy, it is the most reliable source for complete recovery of a business IT environment. Our optional local storage servers allow instant data restoration and server virtualization in the event of local data loss or local server failure.

At Dresner Group, we provide clients an end-to-end business continuity solution for IT. We can provide everything from full-data protection and long term digital archiving to a fully-tested and readily-available recovery environment that is easily accessible via the web. Our end-to-end testing process ensures that your business is prepared for quick recovery from any type of disaster.

dg Guardian Backup Diagram

dg Guardian Offsite Backup Diagram

Constant verification of your data backup: By monitoring the success of your regular data backups, we ensure your vital corporate data is being protected and archived.

Disaster recovery: We create, implement and manage a detailed disaster recovery solution for you, ensuring errors, natural disasters or sabotage won’t prevent the retrieval of your data.

Service and business continuity: We implement multiple layers of data backup, protection and redundancy so that even the most severe disaster or outage won’t impact your access to data and applications.