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When you think of a computer support company, you probably have a very specific impression that comes to mind. We, however, break that mold. While we still help Montgomery County businesses deal with the everyday challenges that their technology experiences, we take it many steps further.

In addition to the crucial maintenance and upkeep of your IT, we can provide businesses with solutions that protect your business while boosting its productivity. On top of that, the strategy that we will help you apply to your technology will not only assist you in accomplishing more, but help consolidate your expenses at the same time. Do we offer support? Absolutely… but we also do our best to ensure you need it as little as possible.

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Businesses across Maryland have already seen the benefits of our services and expertise.

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Managed IT Services From Dresner Group

Montgomery County Consulting and IT Services

Managed ITServices

Managed IT

Rest assured that your business’ technology will be reliably available to you, as our all-hours monitoring will enable us to maintain it and resolve any challenges or obstacles.

Let's Take Care of Your IT


Security is a critical consideration for a business of any size. Our experience allows us to better protect your business and its future from various threats to its success.

Let's Protect Your Network


Cyberthreats are only part of your security concerns. We can also implement protections to help safeguard your business’ location, from surveillance tools to access controls.

Let's Safeguard Your Business

Managed IT Services Mean More Savings for Montgomery County Businesses

Montgomery County businesses that don’t leverage managed services for their technology infrastructure are leaving a lot of money on the table, but it’s not always easy to see until you break down what the solutions really do for you.

From Dickerson to Rockville to Takoma Park, any business seeking out a new IT person should be aware of these services.

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Choosing the Best Security Cameras for your Montgomery County Business

Montgomery County is Maryland’s most affluent county, which makes it all the more important that businesses do everything they can to reinforce their physical security. An excellent means of doing so is via a security camera system, but there are a lot of options available today that can unfortunately complicate the process. We’ve taken the time to simplify it for you again.

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IT Helpdesk Support for Montgomery County Businesses

Give your staff the technical support they need to get their work done. Our clients get easy access to our professional IT experts to help solve problems quickly. It doesn’t result in a bill, because it’s all covered under a managed IT agreement that involves our Client Support Center. Find out how you can enjoy these benefits as well by giving us a call at (410) 531-6727!

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Take Advantage of Montgomery County’s Best IT Consultant!

Reach out to us today! We’ll start with a completely free IT consultation to establish what you’ll require, and while you’re here, take a moment and download our whitepaper to explore other ways that your business can benefit from working with us. We can even take a look at your network and audit it to see where any improvements can be made.

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Business Strategy

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The 10 Benefits of MSP Services

Business Strategy

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Is this a lot to take in? Yes—but that’s why we’re happy to walk you through it all in depth.

Let’s Chat Over a Cup of Joe

To be clear, we aren’t trying to get you to sit down so we can sign you up for some generic service agreement that doesn’t really cover your needs. We want to sit down and hear you out so we can understand your situation. The coffee’s on us!

Please, reach out to us and let us know where your favorite spot to get a cup is!

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