Endpoint Security Solutions

Endpoint Security

Protecting your business’ infrastructure where it intersects with your end users.

Cyberattacks Targeting Endpoints Have Risen

Is your business protected where it otherwise would be its most vulnerable?

Like any other part of its technology infrastructure, a business greatly relies on its endpoints to be productive. These endpoints—any device that enables a connection to the business’ network to allow for communication—can include a variety of devices, including:

  • Networking equipment, like your modem
  • Terminal equipment, like your router or network-attached printer
  • Host equipment, like your workstations, mobile devices, and servers

It is clear how important these pieces of equipment are to a modern business’ successful operations, which is why it makes sense that cybercriminals often look to endpoints as an opportunity to strike. As more and more users begin to utilize remote connections to do their work, this opportunity is only anticipated to grow.

Considering that 68% of businesses have seen a rise in attacks against their endpoints, the security of your endpoints clearly needs to be prioritized.

Dresner Group can assist you in doing so with our endpoint security solutions and protections.

Secure Your IT

You might be aware of the numerous threats that could put your business at risk. However, what you might not know is how our business can help protect you from them.


How We Can Help

Thanks to our experienced team, you can be sure that your team’s endpoints aren’t the source of these kinds of threats. By implementing a few precautions and security measures, Dresner Group will ensure that your productivity isn’t marred by security incidents or held back too greatly by the solutions meant to protect it.

Remote Monitoring and Management

With our experienced team keeping an eye on your infrastructure—including your endpoints—from afar, you can be confident that the risk factors and warning signs of a cyberattack will be caught and mitigated. Using our remote access software solutions, we can maintain your endpoints to make sure they are not only operating optimally, but securely.

Antivirus and Security Updates

As part of our managed services, we can ensure that the devices that your team is using are fully protected by installing the appropriate security updates and robust antivirus measures. This will help to minimize the number of threats that can make it past your defenses in the first place.

User Training

We can’t discuss endpoint security without mentioning the weakest part of any IT security strategy… the person using the technology. Attackers have realized that it is much simpler to fool one of your employees than it is to hack into a system. We can help ensure that your users understand how to recognize threats and know that they can lean on us for assistance in dealing with them.

Don’t let your business’ endpoints leave you vulnerable for another moment.

Reach out to Dresner Group today to learn more about the benefits of our endpoint security solutions. Call (410) 531-6727 now.


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