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Did You Know? Big Tech Companies Don’t Care About Your Data Privacy

Did You Know? Big Tech Companies Don’t Care About Your Data Privacy

How important do you consider security for your personal and private data on your web-connected accounts? If you don’t think about it often, you should be; countless entities out there—including major enterprises and providers you trust—do not respect your data privacy and security. Let’s discuss how some large companies take advantage of your data and some of the questions you should consider when trusting these companies with your data.

They Monetize Your Data

Many large technology companies, like Google, Facebook, and Amazon, will put data privacy at risk in favor of monetizing data. These companies collect information about users’ online behavior and then sell the data for the purposes of targeted advertising. This allows companies to earn considerable revenue at the user's expense, and there are concerns about the extent to which this is acceptable and what requires user consent.

A good rule of thumb to consider: if a platform isn’t trying to sell you something, you’re likely the one for sale.

Lack of Clear Data Collection Practices

Some companies will provide just enough information on their data collection policies to satisfy users while keeping the nitty-gritty details to themselves. It’s not always clear how companies use information, as their purposes are hidden within complex privacy policies that don’t use accessible language. Without clear practices, users cannot provide informed consent.

Their Tracking Policies are Invasive

Tech companies will use certain types of tracking technologies to monitor users and their activities across platforms. These tactics include cookies, trackers, device fingerprinting, and so on. These companies will use this information to build a profile for each individual user, helping them map their behaviors and provide personalized services. While this might be done with the intent to provide a better user experience, at what point does it become a breach of data privacy?

Sharing Data with Third Parties

Most large technology companies will share data with third-party entities, whether they are advertisers, business partners, or government agencies. There is always the possibility that these other companies will misuse data, which is why so many users are concerned about their data being used across networks that they have no control or knowledge of.

Poor Security Methods

Even though the masses entrust data to these companies, many of them have come under fire in recent years for poor security practices. Data breaches are a dime a dozen these days, and they expose user information in ways that should concern any privacy and security-minded citizen. Some examples of this are weak encryption, poor password policies, and lazy security protocols, all of which contribute to data falling prey to hackers and cybersecurity threats.

Even with innovations in security, there is still a need for data privacy, security, and policy transparency. Technology companies need to do what they can to improve the ethics of their data-sharing policies. In the meantime, you must do all you can to keep your data safe and secure so that you do not voluntarily give up more than you want to.

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