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How Can an IT Consultant Improve My Business?

How Can an IT Consultant Improve My Business?

As businesses grow, the technology that they use needs to adjust. For example, once a business requires more than one computer, it needs a network. Once a business has multiple users trying to access the same information across multiple devices, it needs a server (or the cloud). Every step of growth requires more complexity when it comes to technology.

This is where an IT consultant comes in, and they can help you navigate the options and establish a budget for your technology as your business evolves and grows.

What Does An IT Consultant Do and Do You Really Need One?

Consultation can sometimes seem to be one of those buzzwords organizations toss around as a way to bulk up their billing. For Dresner Group, it gives us an opportunity to share our expertise with Maryland businesses and help them get control over their technology.

Often, these types of services are confused with basic technical support. A business might call a computer repair shop and try to get high-level advice on how to get the most out of its technology. This is like asking the cashier at your favorite fast food joint for advice on catering your wedding—they might be willing to give you some advice, and it might come with good intentions, but it doesn’t come from professional experience.

This is why it is essential that your organization invest the resources into developing a relationship with a true IT consultant who understands your business. When it comes to technology, the goal of an IT consultant is to develop an understanding of and long-term plan for your business; here are five ways how:

1. An IT consultant needs to understand your business.
An IT consultant's primary job is to view your business with a critical eye. Unfortunately, many business owners become emotionally attached to their technology and are often reluctant to make needed changes. An IT consultant strives to understand your organization's unique needs, goals, and objectives while taking a detached look at the entire picture.

2. An IT consultant should be mindful of your budget.
Your IT consultant can develop better strategies to help you achieve your operational goals in the most cost-effective way possible. Overall, these cost-cutting strategies are often due to their expertise and willingness to embrace newer procedures, breaking your business out of the rut that could be stagnating growth and costing you money. Ultimately your IT consultant’s goal should be to help your business utilize technology to become more profitable while improving your bottom line.

3. An IT consultant isn’t afraid to point out what’s wrong.
Every business process can be improved upon. Your IT consultant takes the time to analyze, evaluate and identify the current status of your existing IT infrastructure and how they affect your decisions. Too often, business owners become emotionally attached to their systems and processes, even if they are no longer working. An IT audit allows your IT consultant to see what's working, what isn't and develop a game plan to increase the effectiveness of your technology.

4. An IT consultant can help manage your systems.
One of the most significant vulnerabilities businesses face is the habit of using outdated systems. Whether due to cost-saving or uncertainty, the results can be catastrophic to your business' survival. This practice exposes enterprises to a wide range of risks. Unfortunately, it is common for organizations to replace outdated processes and equipment as separate events. They often update their technology but don't train their team in new ways to use it. 

An additional service your IT consultant provides is vendor management. Suppose your business has been struggling to purchase or update its technology due to supply chain issues, or you simply don’t have time to research all of the available options to make sense of them. Your IT consultant should be able to take advantage of their vendor relationships to help your organization make informed choices, and then handle any needs that arise that require getting the vendor on the line.

5. An IT consultant analyzes and evaluates your business.
Taking advantage of metrics and performance analysis provides the ability to zero in on your IT inefficiencies and offer suggestions for improvement. A reputable IT consultant will deliver monthly updates and quarterly reporting, so you are consistently kept up to speed on your technology’s condition.

If your prior experience with IT consultants left you feeling underwhelmed, chances are you had good reason to be. Simply put, there’s a fundamental difference between a managed IT provider who offers IT consultancy as a dedicated service, and your local computer repair shop where “IT consultancy” means telling you which printer to buy.

At Dresner Group, we consider where you are going, not just where you are.

If your business has grown beyond the usefulness of the local mom-and-pop computer repair shop, call Dresner Group today. We are known as the top managed service provider in the Maryland area, and our IT solutions allow you to leverage your technology in a way that improves processes and provides superior efficiency. Call (410) 531-6727 to schedule an appointment today to take your business above and beyond with Dresner Group.

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