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Technology for the Modern Law Practice


It’s important that attorneys have access to the important information and tools needed to enable them to do their jobs. When they can do so easily, they are able to bring in more revenue, take on more clients, and provide better services to their clientele. What kinds of technology do lawyers need to improve their practices?

First, it helps to have a bit of context for how the pandemic has changed operations for lawyers. Legal services are popular, sought-after services, but the pandemic forced many lawyers to go virtual. Now, what started as a trend might be a more permanent shift, and the following technologies are what will enable lawyers to do their work more effectively in a virtual capacity.

Document Management and Automation

Document management is a must-have technology for law offices, as paperwork is an incredibly important part of practicing law. Document management and automation tools can effectively streamline document creation, as it can capture and populate templates utilizing information already provided. It can provide a solution to search, view, and edit documents, and every transaction comes complete with documentation, something which is critical to the law practice. We can help you build a document management system for your law firm so you can always keep the files needed on-hand and available on your devices.

VoIP Enabled Video Conferencing

VoIP has gone from being an emerging technology to a vital one, meaning that it’s silly to not use it in comparison to the other solutions out there. It gives your business one more way to make the most out of its Internet connection, and there are so many other great features available through it too, like video conferencing and other communication tools. Video conferencing is particularly important, as more people are wanting to meet virtually than ever before, and it only provides your law practice with even more flexibility and options. Many video conferencing tools have VoIP built right into them, and the best solutions are those that are secure and easy to use with high-quality video and audio. There are even options that include end-to-end encryption.


Data entry is also crucial to the success of any law firm, and those in small practices might struggle to keep their files in order. With a digital repository for these files, it can be easier and more secure to manage the various documents. Scanners can be used to input data in this way. Depending on the solution, you can either go all-out with a flatbed scanner or use handheld scanners that won’t cost your business an arm and a leg. Even modern printing solutions often come with scanning solutions your business can use for this purpose.

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are quite useful for professionals, but in the law field, they can completely change the dynamic of the profession. They provide access to applications built specifically for attorneys while also providing access to documents, communication, and data storage. Smartphones and tablets are popular tools for modern law firms.

To keep your law firm ahead of the competition, we recommend you reach out to Dresner Group. We can help you assess your current technology practices and suggest ways you can improve them. To learn more, reach out to us at (410) 531-6727.

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Tuesday, 07 February 2023

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