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How Foldable Smartphones Could Shake Up the Market

How Foldable Smartphones Could Shake Up the Market

Many individuals were skeptical about foldable phones when they were first introduced, all thanks to higher prices and stories about how fragile they are. That said, those who have stuck with the concept have contributed to the excitement and built it up to be a legitimate option that actually makes sense.

Today, we want to look at some of the claims professionals have made about the smartphone market and foldable phones’ place within it.

How Are Foldables Doing in the Market?

Earlier foldable phones were expensive and often experienced hardware issues. Some examples are fragile frames, screens separating from the chassis, and hinges that make just a little too much noise for comfort. Thanks to those who love foldable phones, however, manufacturers have invested more deeply into these unique devices to make better, more solid models to choose from.

Foldables Have Two Distinct Designs

Manufacturers have truly embraced the foldable nature of these devices, leading to two different designs for them. Each of these designs has their own fanbase, leading some companies to either choose a side or to offer more diverse models.

The two models include one that opens up like your traditional clamshell mobile device, allowing for portability and affordability, and phones that open up like a book, allowing users to be more productive through multitasking and taking better advantage of the screen space.

Foldables Are Not Perfect

These improvements have made foldables a more worthwhile investment for any smartphone user, but this doesn’t make them the perfect choice for all. There are issues related to design, still, and how repairable these devices truly are has come into question. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that not all software is going to be compatible with a foldable device—at least, not with the intended level of functionality.

The future of foldables still has yet to be determined, though. The functionality of these devices could be valuable, and as businesses adopt these tools, they could become more influential in the long term.

How Can Foldables Help Your Business?

Business users in particular might find that there are many benefits to using these foldable phones. For example, the real estate afforded to them through increased screen surface can give users the ability to make applications more visible. The foldable aspect of these devices also makes video conferencing easier and less awkward, as you no longer have to hold the phone directly in front of your face. You’ll also have even more space to collaborate, especially now that most mobile versions of applications are attempting to get as close as possible to their desktop counterparts.

Look, we know that your business has specific needs, and foldable phones may not be one of them, but there is no denying that these foldable phones may just be viable alternatives to your traditional smartphone form factor in the near future.

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