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Meet William Bosse


Every office needs a bit of levity to brighten the day, and at Dresner Group, William Bosse is more than happy to provide it (in addition to his duties as a tier 2 support technician). However, we aren't joking when we say we are glad to have him here on staff as a part of what he describes as our "big happy dysfunctional (slightly) family!"

When William isn't at the office, embracing the opportunity to tackle challenges and expand his own knowledge, he can be found learning about military history, playing strategy games, or taking in the scenery of the local wilderness trails. Otherwise, he's spending time with the turtles he rescues, his dogs, or his "child," as he affectionately calls his cat. He also enjoys tinkering with servers in his spare time to further increase his experience and knowledge.

Someday, William wants to drive a tank and a race car - we we hope happens after he gains his dream superpower, a healing factor similar to the Marvel comics character Deadpool. He would also enjoy the experience of being a cat for a day, as they, as he says, "can get away with anything."

For now, his talent is an innate ability to find what others can't on Google, and being a valued member of the team here at Dresner Group. While he may refer to us as reliable, friendly, and knowledgeable, we can gladly say the same about him! Thank you for being a part of the Dresner Group team, William!

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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

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