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The Best IT Services Columbia, Maryland Can Get

The Best IT Services Columbia, Maryland Can Get

We have to say… Columbia is a pretty nice place. We aren’t the only ones who think so, either! Over the past few years, Columbia has been recognized as one of the happiest, best, and healthiest places in the nation. From our perspective, it’s also a great place to do business.

In short, we’re proud to call Columbia home.

For the last 20 years, as we’ve provided our services to businesses all across Maryland, we have had the pleasure of getting to know our neighbors here in Columbia—and as a result, we’ve gotten a front-row seat to how our fellow businesses operate. The brilliant business owners here in Columbia have embraced the benefits that innovative technologies can provide.

This means that these businesses will need someone to help them maintain and effectively utilize the technology at their disposal, while helping them plan for their technology needs going into the future. This makes a business’ choice of provider particularly important.

Choosing the Best IT Provider for Columbia Businesses

You need to select an IT provider that understands the following things and incorporates them into their services:

Cybersecurity Needs to Be the First Priority

It isn’t hard to find an example of a nasty cyberattack. Our neighbor down the road, Baltimore, suffered from a pretty infamous attack a few years ago. With these events being so obviously prevalent, it should be little wonder that we recommend that so much energy and attention be dedicated to your business’ cybersecurity. When we say that security needs to come first, we aren’t exaggerating. You need to find a provider who, like us, prioritizes your security and incorporates it into every step of your processes.

Your Users Not Only Need IT Support, They Deserve Great Support

The people you have working for you and your business have a lot riding on your success. Therefore, it is important that they have everything they need to help make you successful in your endeavors.

So, what does that mean? Well, you need to ensure that your employees have access to this kind of support, whether that’s through an internal department, an outsourced provider like us, or a combination of the two.

Everyone Associated with Your Business Should Be Protected

On the topic of supporting your employees, this concept carries over to data protection as well. Everyone—everyone—whose data your business possesses needs to be confident that you’re keeping it safe, including your employees. While we by no means want to diminish how damaging losing a client’s data to a data breach is, imagine how your employees would feel if they suddenly had to deal with the consequences of their data being stolen on your watch. There’s a lot of really sensitive data that’s collected as part of the onboarding process, after all.

Investing in comprehensive data protections is, plain and simply, the minimum requirement for the modern business. We can help you do that, and more.

Your Business Needs to Have a Plan for Its Success

Realistically speaking, your business only has so much money it can safely spend, divided up amongst all of your business’ needs and priorities. Once that money’s been budgeted out, it is important that you carefully consider how (and how quickly) it is spent. This is especially the case where your IT is concerned.

After all, even under ideal circumstances, business technology can be volatile. While our remote monitoring services can catch a failing component most of the time, there are plenty of ways that technology can be damaged that we can’t really stop, even if we predict it. Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing that one of your employees is about to spill their fresh cup of coffee (three creams, one sugar) on their workstation, or that a mouse has taken up residence in your server room and entertains itself by chewing on the many cables it has found there.

In either case, you could be in serious trouble without having carefully budgeted your available IT funds. Three-creams-one-sugar could be left without a workstation, and Mr. Mouse choosing the wrong appetizer could leave you unable to access a lot of resources.

Our managed IT services are, by their very nature, inherently budgetable, simply because they come at a flat rate scaled to meet your needs. No more (or at least far fewer) surprise technology costs or fees gives you stability.

Let’s Give Your Columbia Business the Dresner Difference!

Like we said, we’re proud to serve the businesses of Columbia, and we’d love to add yours to our list of clients and partners. Give us a call at (410) 531-6727 today.

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