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What is It that Impacts the Quality of Your Internet Connection?


For something as fundamental to a business’ processes as its Internet connectivity, it can be challenging to determine how reliable and fast your Internet connection is. We wanted to review the different factors that would impact the connectivity that your business gets.

What Impacts My Business Internet Speeds?

There are assorted influences that need to be considered to figure out the potential connection speeds you might achieve for your business:

The Infrastructure Connecting You to Your ISP

Regardless of your contract, your Internet speeds are going to be dependent to some degree on the infrastructure that is delivering them to your business. Cable and fiber-optic lines can deliver Internet at speeds that are far faster than what the antiquated DSL connection over the telephone network can.

How Far Away the Network Centralizer is from Your Business

Fast as data moves, it still takes a bit of time to make it from point A to point B. Therefore, the further away that the network centralizer is, the longer it will take for the transmitted data to reach your business and vice versa.

How Many Users and Devices are Connecting at Once

Naturally, when more people are getting a piece of the pie, the pieces are going to get smaller and smaller. The same goes for your Internet bandwidth. Each device that connects to the Internet impacts the availability and speeds available to the rest—the more there are, the slower the connection will be.

There is only so much that you can do to increase your business’ Internet speeds, short of shelling out more of your hard-earned dollars. We’re here to help you make up for the lost efficiency in other ways, through improved and optimized IT solutions.

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