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Three Hypothetical Physical Security Scenarios


Physical security is an important consideration for the modern business, and when we say “the modern business,” we mean it inclusively. Let’s take a few moments to explore how physical security solutions can benefit three very different workplace environments.

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Setting up Security Cameras? Make Sure It’s Done Correctly

Setting up Security Cameras? Make Sure It’s Done Correctly.

Now that Visual Security Consulting, LLC has become a division of Dresner Group, they have added to our ability to deploy quality security camera solutions, and it seems like a good time to touch on why a managed service provider would be involved with this form of security. Let’s review how your IT and a modern security camera setup are related.

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Powerful Physical Security Options

Powerful Physical Security Options

Data security isn’t the easiest thing in the world to plan for, especially if your organization doesn’t have any dedicated security professionals on-hand. While protecting your data with traditional methods, like passwords, firewalls, and antivirus, is important, what measures are you taking to make sure a thief or hacker isn’t just walking into your office and making off with your technology?

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