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You May Want to Reconsider Eliminating Remote Work

You May Want to Reconsider Eliminating Remote Work

Remote and hybrid work arrangements may have been greeted years ago with some amount of hesitancy, but it’s here to stay—at least in some capacity. Let’s go over what you need to know in order to take full advantage of the benefits brought about by remote and hybrid workplace flexibility.

Remote Work is Being Phased Out? But Why?

Despite leaning into remote work for the short term, some businesses are making attempts to scale back their remote work policies in an attempted return to normalcy, despite the fact that “normalcy” today looks much different from what it did just a couple of years ago. Why are they trying to force these changes?

For some, it’s because they cannot guarantee remote work is effective for all employees, therefore making it an unfair perk for some positions compared to others. Of course, this is not a good reason; there have always been different job requirements and duties, and remote work does not really change this fact. It just changes the conversation around this fact.

We’re not saying that there are no good reasons for remote work—far from it, in fact—we are just saying that there are valid reasons to walk back from it. Issues like cultural and visibility challenges plague companies that once advocated for the idea of remote work, leading them to walk back their policies in an attempt to address them. Despite the challenges, we think remote work is something that should be considered, even if it’s only in a limited capacity.

Consider the Many Benefits of Remote and Hybrid Work

Although the widespread adoption of remote work was a necessity for pandemic circumstances, there is a reason why it has lingered so, and that’s because it has, again, proven to be a viable option that actually saves businesses money when implemented appropriately.

An increase in flexibility can lead to several benefits, including some that might not be immediately obvious. It provides younger generations of workers with an attractive opportunity to engage with businesses on their own terms, something which they certainly desire. This increase in engagement is often linked to an increase in productivity as a result. When you factor in the commute disappearing and the convenience factor, it’s no wonder remote work is such a popular and helpful trait for employees to pursue.

In short, the opportunity benefits staff and business alike, so you would be foolish to not consider it in at least some capacity—even if that capacity is simply one day a week.

Dresner Group can ensure you have the technology at your disposal to seamlessly transition to remote or hybrid operations at a moment’s notice. To learn more, contact us today at (410) 531-6727.

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